• The Conference format is synchronous and asynchronous. The presenters pre-recorded their paper/artistic presentations (6 to 20 minutes), which are available on individual blog posts, accordingly. Live discussions with presenters and moderators (who will also serve as respondents) are scheduled for August 5 to 7 on Zoom.


  • We published all video presentations, abstracts, and bios in individual blog posts on the conference’s website. The video presentations’ links were also included in this list and in the final Schedule.



  • During the live panel sessions, each presenter will have 5 to 6 minutes to remind their topic or introduce it to those who haven’t seen their video presentation following 15 minutes for discussion. 
  • We suggest using the 20/20 method, also known as the Japanese technique of PechaKucha ( for the preparation of these presentations. 
  • Following 6-minute reminder presentations, the moderator will make some remarks and open the floor for comments, questions, and suggestions.


  • All the panel sessions will be held on Zoom and they will be recorded for the Conference's archive.


Online Code of Conduct

  • During the online sessions, it is the responsibility of all the participants to create and maintain a welcoming and accepting learning environment. Therefore, all attendees and presenters are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of behaviour, University regulations and policies, departmental policies, and in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws, as well as professional standards and codes of ethics that govern faculty and students.


  • These sessions will be recorded so that they can be made available to organizers and presenters. Participants joining by phone will have their phone numbers masked for privacy. 


  • Participants should ask questions through the chat panel or use the “raise hand” ✋ feature to get permission to open their mics and address their questions orally. Inappropriate or disrespectful language in the chat panel will not be tolerated. The host/co-hosts reserve the right to remove anyone who does not behave accordingly.

By entering the IFM2021 Zoom sessions, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms above.